Suburban Kitchen Restorations
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Experience a new before and after...


Hood & Exhaust Cleaning

Have your kitchen exhaust fully cleaned from top to bottom. Starting at the exhaust fan on the roof and following its duct work to the fan. There may be access panels in the system that have been missed for years by your current or former cleaning companies(s). Click on the picture to see more.

Filter CLeaning

No need for a Filter Man Service, We include Cleaning of the filters with our service.

Equipment Restoration & Grease Traps

Fryers, Ranges, Smokers, Ovens, & more. Suburbans Equipment restoration team is top of the line. No other company restores like we do! Suburban will strip your equipment to bare bones removing parts piece by piece.  With our state of the art cleaning technology we then clean it to brand new. Click on the picture to check out more pictures of how we do it!

   Belt changes And inspection reports

Call us for all your needs, Fixed Flat rates available!

                      Facility Cleaning

Are you purchasing a used facility? Try making it new before moving in! Just like restoring a house restore your kitchen with us.

  Power washing & Steam cleaning

   Walk-ins, Floors, walls, Behind the line....

   You Name it, We Clean It All!